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A Church Update

In-person Sunday Church Services and Sunday School is held at 10:30am. Zoom attendance and call-in are also available.

In-person Wednesday Testimony Meeting is held at 7:30pm, with Zoom attendance and call-in available as well.


For more information about joining either Sunday or Wednesday on Zoom or call-in, please call (215) 277-5889 and leave a message. We will return your call with details.

Prayers for our world and ourselves (curated by The Mother Church)

Confronting racism with God's thoughts

Discovering eternal life — here and now

Stay safe!

Enough employment and provision for everyone

Monitor's Rethinking the News podcast

How I've been praying during COVID-19

Upcoming Events

The Sentinel Watch is a weekly podcast from the Christian Science Sentinel. In each episode, practicing Christian Scientists discuss experiences of healing through Christianly scientific prayer. They discuss overcoming every-day issues and respond to questions sent in from listeners.

Happy Child with Headphones

Reading Room Events

Listen together to the current week’s

Sentinel Watch podcast Tuesdays at noon.

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