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A Reading Room full of books in many languages

Everyone is welcome to discover these resources

Jenkintown Christian Science Reading Room

Our new Reading Room can be found in the same building as our Church. It is in the front window side of the building. Our local reading room offers a quiet place to study, with access to a wide variety of Christian Science books and resources. Visit us on Mondays or call to make a special appointment!

A great place to start when you're looking for basic information about Christian Science. You can find information about church services, practitioners, reading rooms, lectures, events, and more at this website. 


JSH-Online is a website of the The Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston, Massachusetts with resources galore for the spiritual seeker. JSH stands for The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, and The Herald of Christian Science. On the site, you can find current issues of the periodicals, as well as an archive of all articles ever published by the Publishing Society. Read, listen, enjoy and share!

The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor is an award-winning international newspaper with the purview, as Founder Mary Baker Eddy writes, "To spread undivided the Science that operates unspent." 

The Mary Baker Eddy Library

The Mary Baker Eddy Library is a treasure trove of resources for the student of Christian Science or anyone curious about the incredible woman, Mary Baker Eddy. The website has bountiful resources, but if you have a specific question, you can call researchers directly: 


Online Church Services

The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts broadcasts its Sunday and Wednesday services. Sunday services occur at 10 am ET and Wednesday services at 2 pm ET. 

Christian Science Summer Camps

The six summer camps across the United States and Canada provide programs for young people, families, and adults alike. Each location offers campers opportunities and activities to advance their spiritual growth and practice of Christian Science in a supportive environment. Individuals also learn new skills, make friends, and have fun in beautiful settings.

What is a Christian Science Practitioner?

A Christian Science practitioner helps individuals find healing through Christianly Scientific prayer. Practitioners are available whenever an individual would like prayerful support seeing through a challenge, big or small. You may find a practitioner in the directory of The Christian Science Journal. 

What is a Christian Science Nurse?

Christian Science nursing is the skillful and practical assistance to an individual relying on Christian Science for healing. Reach out to us for information on financial assistance for Christian Science Nursing care. 

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